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Payments reimbursements, and promotional codes

How do I make a payment on your website?

You may pay by card, Paypal or Shop Pay. For more information about our secure payment, please go here.

I have a promotional code. Where do I use it?

You may insert your promotional code in the checkout, at the step Delivery in the blank next to "Promo code".

I have confirmed my order but I forgot to add my promotional code.

Once your order is processed, we unfortunately cannot add a promo code. Please reach us at [email protected] so we can find a solution that fits you!

May I use several promo codes in a single order?

You cannot use several promotional codes in a single order.

May I have a Goodie Bag if I purchase one or several gift cards?

No, you cannot have a Goodie Bag if your order contains one or more gift cards.